Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How To Reduce Tummy Fat

Losing those last vanity pounds is always tough, especially when it's tummy fat. Starving yourself or eating less won't do the trick. It has to be a combination of portioned, nutritious meals along with daily exercise. Sticking to a diet and exercising can be difficult, but is necessary in order to shed those pounds!

You Have to Eat

The most frequent mistake people make when trying to reduce tummy fat is thinking that not eating will solve their problems. If you don't eat you won't have any energy to exercise and this will not lead to weight loss. It's important to get the idea of starving yourself out of your thoughts right now and commit to a healthy way of losing weight.

The body doesn't function without the proper nutrients it gets from your food. With insufficient food, your metabolism slows to balance for the lack of food. So fat will be burned, but much less than with a mixture of diet and exercise.

Smaller Portions & More Often

The trick to losing that fat is to decrease food portions, and get daily exercise. You can eat just about anything as long as it's nutritious and in good portion. Smaller meals still satisfy your hunger but keep your metabolism up so that your body can be a fat-burning machine. Eating right and exercising is the key to feeling and looking great.

Why is Tummy Fat So Hard to Lose?

Why does it seem more difficult to reduce tummy fat than anywhere else on your body? The stomach naturally has extra padding, so even if you're burning fat it's a little tougher to get rid of it in the tummy area. Not to mention when people exercise they aren't being as efficient as they could be. They stop between tummy exercises, which slows down the fat-burning process. That burning sensation is a good sign!

You should only stop mid-exercise when it is absolutely necessary. There are many different ways to tone your mid-section. If you're not feeling anything after several repetitions, you probably aren't doing the exercise correctly! Doing a search for tummy exercises will result in pages full of them, you can work out a schedule to change up your routine each day.

Today is the Day!

It's important to make a commitment to yourself that this time is going to be for real. Put down the bag of chips and pick up some carrots! Slowly incorporate healthy changes into your diet and build up your endurance by exercising for at least 15 minutes a day. If you keep up with a plan you'll be sure to see results!

The reason losing tummy fat is so difficult is because your fat cells are extremely bloated with toxins. This is your body's defense mechanism to keep your body healthy. But it makes it terribly hard to lose weight.

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Brandon Walsh is considered an expert author in the fields of biblical nutrition, and pro-active healthy living.

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