Tuesday, April 15, 2008

BulksDomains.com - Trusted Web Hosting and Domain Registrar

“A domain name is a gateway to creativity on the Internet” Says, Mike Freije. Whether promoting your own business, building your own unique brand, creating a family scrapbook or announcing a new arrival. Mike and his team at BulksDomains.com feel they have what it takes to meet this diverse demand.

How a domain name is used, is entirely at the discretion of the individual purchasing one. But in order to bring a business or ‘personal space’ to life in the vast environment of the Internet, it is becoming of major importance to own one.

Besides this fact, it is interesting to note that owning a domain name has been regarded by many authoritative voices, including major media news sources, as owning ‘Virtual real estate’. It is seemingly becoming one of the new phenomena’s since the dawn of the dot COM error.

For those who are looking for a cost effective way to begin a presence for their new business venture or ‘personal space’ to share information and even their products and services on the Internet, choosing a domain name and hosting to suit their needs, as well as a budget can prove to be a daunting task.

In addition to choosing hosting and a domain name, the task of creating the website that will occupy the new virtual lot, can also prove difficult for new comers to the Internet who have very little knowledge of the language behind a web page - HTML

Of the many options that accompany owning a domain and hosting, personalized email accounts are also important, especially if they are being used by a small business. The use of Blogs are also an important factor in a website’s mechanism, and can be used in conjunction with an existing website in several ways. Some of the most common and effective uses are private or public journals that are used to keep readers and even clients up-to-date and informed in a variety of ways. They can also help generate traffic to a new website.

Mike Freije at BulksDomains.com understands the difficulty faced by many new webmasters who are trying to start a website from scratch and he and his team have developed a ‘one-stop’ location that is aimed at equipping a new webmaster with everything needed to create dynamic websites and Blogs all in on place.

For $8.95, the price of a domain name, those looking for a website and hosting can choose a domain name of their choice from an unlimited bank of available names, as well as receive free hosting of their domain name, a website builder and Blog free of charge. Included in the package with 99.9% uptime and backed up by 24/7 customer service representatives to assist with any questions new or existing clients may have.

In their package, webmasters are also given other extras; such as personalized email accounts and domain name transfer services if needed. There is also an automatic renewal protection for existing domain names that can be set so that once a domain has been purchased by a client, it can’t be re-sold if the client by chance forgets to renew their domain after the expiration date arrives.

BulksDomains.com wants their customers to know that starting a new website doesn’t have to be a burden, or a ‘daunting task’. But rather, a simple and easy process and they aim to create just that for new comers ready to take this step.

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