Monday, March 24, 2008

Most Common mistakes in a reference letter

One way to mark off from the other candidates is the reference letter.

The reference letter is more and more requested by the employers because it is a way to find out more information about your skills and a way to find out an objective oppinion about you.Most common mistakes that are made in a reference letter are following:

I don't have experience and i can't get any references. What can I do?
Ask for a reference letter to your annual guide or the teacher who helped you with your degree paper. Ask him/her to stress your skills showing why you are suitable and prepared for that kind of job.

Don't fill with too much enthusiasm!
It is normal to ask for such a letter to a person that you know will say only good things about you. The one who will read the letter is evaluating you and what is written there should be demonstrated by yourself. This means that praises are not enough, you should prove that you are just like the description in the letter.

A reference letter has to contain your evolution
A reference letter is not a long list full of adjectives. The author of the letter should try to explain his/her claims and to give examples of them. Otherwise the letter may bring you many disadvantages.

Choose carefully the author of the letter
Do not choose a colleague whom you get along well to write this letter for you just because he will make a nice description. The one who writes this letter has to be in a position from which to be able to evaluate you. Choose this person carefully.

Do not use a standard sample
The biggest mistake you can do is to save from the internet a sample of a reference letter and then use it every time you need it. Besides the fact that many candidates have already used such a letter and the employers recognize them immediately, a reference letter, just like the intentional letter or the CV, has to be unique for each candidate and especially for each job you apply to. Originality is not the only thing that matters. It also matters how you adept the contents of these letters to the domain you want to work in and what the requirements of this job are.

Be careful to the examples used
A reference letter has to contain examples for sustaining the claims. Examples must be chosen carefully. Giving examples that have nothing to do with your office work is worser than using no examples.

Spelling or grammatical mistakes
Although the one who is evaluated is you and not the author of the reference letter, it is good to read the letter before you use it and correct it if necessary.

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