Monday, March 24, 2008

Career Questions

Evaluate your career and potential options by asking yourself these ten career success questions:

Do I really like my work or am I hanging on marking time?

Am I promotable or am I seen as a disposable commodity?

Am I visible to potential employers, as well as my current boss?

Am I growing or stagnating or just standing still waiting for the next wave of change?

How smooth are my interpersonal relationships with my boss and co-workers?

Am I being rewarded at my true worth?

Have I recently checked out my value in the marketplace?

How valued and diversified are my skills and competencies?

How can I distinguish myself from competitors?

What will it take to get where I want to go from the place I am right now?

Career success involves staying open, staying flexible and making sure you’re using your talents to the fullest. Remember, control your destiny or someone else will!

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