Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Link to a forum : How to get extra money to pay off debts

"I had been through the debt road before and although I am still undergoing debts but thankfully it had been minimized tremendously.

Sometimes, you can't just depend on a source of income unless you are earning a CEO's pay or 10k and above per month

These are a list of things which I did that had earned me extra cash to put that extra to the debts

(1) E-Bay- IF you have items that need selling belief me E-bay is the place. Remember One man's junk is another's treasure. (On a side note, i even seen people selling their souls??) Moving on..

(2) DO you have insurance? You may wish to take from your insurance first to repay heavy debts especially Credit Cards.

(3) Do you have a skill? My Example, I went to learn Home Beer-Brewing course and sold my beers between friends and neighbors. You will be amazed on the power that the word of mouth has. Of course your beers need to be good. (I don't mean to brag but.. Smile

IF you can paint, go house to house and offer domestic services.. I managed to make a bundle from this

(4) Research through the internet and you will find certain get paid to (like this one) google paid to survey

Well these are just a few that I did and thought of sharing.

Good Luck
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