Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Importance of a Strong Cover Letter

Most (all should) have a cover letter attached with their CV. A good cover letter is short, concise, and lays out exactly what you are looking for and why you are qualified. It should give the recruiter a reason to call you. Following are some specific recommendations.

1) Proofread your cover letter and don't be afraid to use spell check. "I excell in many areas" or " I am called a perfectionist because when I do something if it is not perfect I will redo the hole thing" are good examples.

2) Keep it professional. "I am cute and fun to be around" or "I am a quick and fascinating individual" may be true, but should not be included.

3) Keep it relevant. As a parent, I understand being proud of your children, but "my daughter just received a scholarship to x University" and "My son is a championship bull rider" are not relevant to your qualifications.

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