Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bad Credit Cash Advance-urgent Money for Bad Times

Bad credit cash advance are meant for people suffering from bad credit and cash deficiency simultaneously. These loans are one of the most convenient forms of loans for any individual suffering with poor credit history. The loan is just like a magic wand for the persons with a bad credit record and needing cash urgently either for their business plans or for their family needs,

Usually the bad credit cash advance loans are given for amounts ranging from ?100 - ?1000. Generally the rates are variable and mode of repayment depending on the amount taken. One of the most important things to look while applying for such loans is APR. It is the fixed fee that an individual has to pay no matter when he chooses to repay. There is no refund of fee even if repayment is done earlier. People can get bad credit loans even if they have CCJ against them; Bad credit record, or any other monetary problem. These loans are mainly of two types secured and unsecured bad credit cash advance loan. For secured kind of these loans collateral is attached generally in the form of equity. The rates are satisfactory and mode of payment convenient. For unsecured loans no collateral is attached but rates are higher and mode of payment a bit difficult.

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